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exoticsIn 2000, Dr. Dutton founded the Exotic and Bird Specialty Clinic of New Hampshire, a veterinary practice dedicated to meeting the veterinary needs of exotic pets such as ferrets, hamsters, guinea pigs, rabbits, chinchillas, rats, and mice, birds such as parrots and macaws, and reptiles such as snakes, lizards, and turtles. 

The Exotic and Bird Specialty Clinic of New Hampshire is located right here within the walls of Weare Animal Hospital. 35% of Dr. Dutton's caseload is exotic pets ranging from birds to reptiles to rabbits, ferrets, and the like. He is a Board certified Avian Specialist.

These exotic pets have unique needs, and the Staff is experienced and equipped to handle them. Over fifteen years of experience in the field makes the Exotic and Bird Specialty Clinic of NH a vital resource for both the owners and referring veterinarians.

Exotic Pet WellCare Program

The Exotic and Bird Specialty Clinic of New Hampshire is pleased to offer a convenient budgeting plan for your exotic pet’s preventive veterinary care, called Exotic Pet WellCare Program. {qluetip title=[Click here to view our Exotic Pet WellCare brochure.] sticky=[1] mod=[wellcare]} {/qluetip}


At the Forefront of Exotic Pet Medicine

dutton-snakeDr. Dutton has been at the forefront of exotic pet practice for over 20 years, beginning with his work treating wildlife at Benson’s Animal Park in Hudson, NH. He founded the Association of Exotic Mammal Veterinarians (AEMV) to help further veterinary knowledge of these pets. Dr. Dutton currently serves as Regent for the American Board of Veterinary Practitioners - Exotic Companion Mammal Specialty. He has seen the expansion of our knowledge and treatment of exotic pets first hand.

Dr. Dutton also serves as the volunteer veterinarian for Wings of Dawn Wildlife Rehabilitation (Henniker, NH), Silk Farm Audubon, Massabesic Audubon, and a few other smaller wildlife rehabilitators.


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